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  • Highly innovative hybrid vegetable leather made from apple juice production side-products
  • Super-soft (softer than regular animal leather) and extra-lightweight for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Washable with high resistance to abrasion and durability
  • Environmentally friendly, thanks to state-of-the-art 2nd level upcycling and the greatest possible avoidance of non-renewable materials
  • Comfortable, stress-free leashing according to a CLICK.SNAP.GO idea
  • High-strength, ultra-lightweight aluminium version of the curli Clasp
  • Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit due to new 3-D Comfort Fit pattern and new size scale
  • Perfected tension distribution thanks to bands sewn into the seams of the harness
  • Zig-zag seams for flexible tension distribution
  • Size adjustable with Velcro to fit the body shape, lined buckle and therefore no pressure points
  • DogFinder ID to help you find your dog in case it gets lost

Curli Apple Leather Harness

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