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About Us

Hello & welcome to KiSi Canine Accessories, my name’s Pongo

The owner’s Sindy & Shafi are the proud parents of us 16 kids (furry fiends), majority of which are Siberian Huskies. We race in forests all over Britain, sled dog wear is made with the obvious purpose to be strong and durable but it’s plain! As the number of us kids has increased (majority of us are secondhand dogs who give first class love) so did our need for collars and leads, so Sindy decided to make our accessories, yet again plain collars and leads.

One day I overheard Sindy and her friend Kim discussing how boring collars etc., were and they discussed how, if they were making things they would embellish them and make their kids the talk of the town. This left them both in floods of laughter and me with my paws over my head. Fortunately for you the seed was sown and KiSi Canine Accessories was born, fortunately for me the diamante idea went in the bin!

Here at KiSi we produce high quality dog products for all dogs, we feel that comfort and safety come first followed by style and boy do we have style. We would not sell anything that we have not tried and tested ourselves, so we’re all part of the research and development team.

We strive to make and find the best dog products and we work tirelessly to ensure our customers get the best possible service. Secure online payment, easy to use website and fast delivery are just some of the areas we work on to make sure you have a pleasurable shopping experience with us.

So please sit and take your time perusing our ranges and don’t forget to ask your owner for their opinion too, as they are the one who will be walking you out in style.

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